Should be an Indian Citizen.



Age Criteria

  1. The minimum age limit for enrolment in IAF as an Agniveervayu Musician is 17½ years as on date of enrolment and maximum age limit is 21 years as on date of enrolment. However, exact Date of Birth block as published in advertisement is to be followed.

Eligibility Criteria

    To be eligible to appear in the Recruitment Rally, the candidates are required to satisfy the following conditions:-

  1. Educational Qualification. Passed Matriculation/10th or equivalent with minimum pass marks from any Govt. recognized School/Board.
  2. Note: Schools/Boards recognised by Central/State/UT Government will only be permitted.

  3. Music Ability.
    1. Candidates must have proficiency in music with accuracy in tempo, pitch and singing one complete song. They should be able to perform one preparatory tune and any of the notations i.e. Staff notation/Tablature/Tonic Solfa/Hindustani/ Carnatic etc. Candidates must be able to tune individual instruments (in case of instruments require tuning) and match unknown notes on vocal or instruments.

    2. Candidates must have proficiency in playing any one instrument from list A or B.
        List A
      1. Concert Flute/Piccolo
      2. Oboe
      3. Clarinet in Eb/Bb
      4. Saxophone in Eb/Bb
      5. French Horn in F/Bb
      6. Trumpet in Eb/C/Bb
      7. Trombone in Bb/G
      8. Baritone
      9. Euphonium
      10. Bass/Tuba in Eb/Bb
        List B
      1. Keyboard/Organ/Piano
      2. Guitar (Acoustic/Lead/Bass)
      3. Violin, Viola, String Bass
      4. Percussion/Drums (Acoustic/Electronic)
      5. All Indian Classical Instruments

    3. It is desirable that the candidates have proficiency to play two instruments (one each from list A & B above).

  4. Musical Experience Certificate. Candidates should have any one of the following experience certificate:-
    1. Grade 5th or equivalent or above in one instrument from a recognized music institute such as TCL or RSM, KM Music Conservatory, Bangalore School of Music, TSM, GMI, Berklee School of Music etc.
    2. Or
    3. Diploma or equivalent in the field of music for candidates performing Hindustani or Carnatic Classical Music from any recognized University.
    4. Or
    5. Certificate of participation/awards presented at various events. For such candidates’ performance/playing of blowing instruments with staff notation as mentioned in Educational QRs.

Candidate must possess his/her valid e-mail ID and mobile number for filling of online application form. All communications with candidate will be done on his/her registered e-mail ID only.

Agniveervayu will not be permitted to marry during their entire tenure of four years in the IAF. A candidate may be dismissed from service if he/she marries during his/her tenure or is found to be already married inspite of giving certificate of being “unmarried”.