Should be an Indian Citizen.

Age Criteria

  1. The minimum age limit for enrolment in IAF as an Agniveervayu is 17½ years as on date of enrolment and maximum age limit is 21 years as on date of enrolment. However, exact Date of Birth block as published in advertisement is to be followed.
  2. In case, a candidate clears all the stages of the Selection Procedure, then the upper age limit as on date of enrolment should be 21 years.

Marital Status and Pregnancy

Only unmarried Indian male and female candidates are eligible for enrolment as Agniveervayu in IAF. And they shall undertake not to marry during the defined engagement period of four years. Keeping in view limited period of engagement of Agniveervayu inclusive of training, skill development activities, practical as well as formative assessment and organisational requirement of continued service of Agniveervayu during the engagement period, longer absence of Agniveervayu during the engagement period will adversely affect the operational efficiency of the Indian Air Force. Agniveervayu who marry during the said period shall be discharged from the service. Further, only unmarried Agniveervayu will be eligible for selection in regular cadre as Airman. Female candidates additionally shall be required to undertake not to get pregnant during the engagement period. Such women Agniveervayu on becoming Low Medical Category (LMC) due to pregnancy shall be liable to be discharged from service. Pregnancy will debar the women Agniveervayu for selection into Regular Cadre. At the time of enrolment, candidates shall require to sign a voluntary undertaking accepting above conditions”.

Education Criteria

Eligibility for Civilian Candidates

(a) Science Subjects :-

  1. Candidates should have passed Class 10+2/Intermediate/Equivalent examination with Mathematics, Physics and English from an Education Board recognized by Central/ State/UT Govt with minimum 50% marks in aggregate and 50% marks in English.
  2. Or

  3. Should have passed three years Diploma Course in Engineering (Mechanical/ Electrical / Electronics/ Automobile/ Computer Science/ Instrumentation Technology/ Information Technology) from Polytechnic Institute recognized by Central/State/UT Govt with 50% marks in aggregate and 50% marks in English in Diploma Course (or in Intermediate/Matriculation, if English is not a subject in Diploma Course).
  4. Or

  5. Should have passed two years Vocational course with non-vocational subject viz. Physics and Mathematics from Education Boards recognized by Central/State/UT Govt with 50% marks in aggregate and 50% marks in English in Vocational Course (or in Intermediate/Matriculation, if English is not a subject in Vocational Course).

(b) Other than Science Subjects:-

  1. Should have passed Intermediate/10+2/Equivalent Examination in any stream/subjects from Education Board recognized by Central/State/UT Govt minimum 50% marks in aggregate and 50% marks in English.
  2. Or

  3. Passed two years vocational course from Education Boards recognized by Central/State/UT Govt with minimum 50% marks in aggregate and 50% marks in English in Vocational Course or in Intermediate/Matriculation if English is not a subject in Vocational Course.

Candidate eligible for Science Subjects examination (Including Intermediate/10+2/three years’ diploma course in engineering or two years vocational course with non-vocational subjects of Physics and Maths) are also eligible for Other than Science Subjects and would be given an option of appearing in both Science Subjects and Other than Science Subjects examination in one sitting while filling up the online registration form.

Education Boards recognized by Central/State/UT Govt as on date of registration will only be permitted.

Exact aggregate Percentage of marks before decimal as written in the marks sheet of 10+2/Intermediate/Equivalent Examination/Three years Diploma Course/Two years Vocational Course OR calculated as per the rules of concerned Education Board/Polytechnic Institute will only be considered (For example 49.99% should be taken as 49% and not be rounded off to 50%).

Candidate must possess his/her unique valid e-mail ID and mobile number for filling of online application. All communication with candidate will be done on his/her registered e-mail ID only.

Agniveervayu will not be permitted to marry during their entire tenure of four years in the IAF. A candidate may be dismissed from service if he / she marries during his / her tenure or is found to be already married inspite of giving certificate of being “unmarried”.


To get selected as an Agniveervayu, the candidate must be physically and mentally fit to perform duties in any part of the world, climate and terrain. Physical/ medical standards to become an Agniveervayu are as follows:-

Parameters Description
Male Female
Height Minimum acceptable height is 152.5 cms Minimum acceptable height is 152 cms. For candidates belonging to North East or hilly regions of Uttarakhand, a lower minimum height of 147 cms will be accepted. In case, candidates from Lakshadweep, the minimum height will be 150 cms.
Note: Candidates availing height relaxation for being domicile of North East/Hilly Regions of Uttarakhand/Lakshadweep are to submit domicile certificate with endorsement of domicile status at the time of Phase-II testing. Further, candidates from hilly regions of Uttarakhand must have specific endorsement of hilly region in their domicile certificate.
Weight Weight should be Proportionate to height and age.
Chest The chest wall should be well proportioned with minimum range of expansion of 05 cms
Hearing Candidate should have normal hearing i.e. able to hear forced whisper from a distance of 6 meters by each ear separately.
Dental Should have healthy gums, good set of teeth and minimum 14 dental points.
Visual standards
Visual Acuity Maximum limits of Refractive error Colour Vision
6/12 each eye, correctable to 6/6 each eye Hypermetropia:+2.0D Myopia: 1D including ± 0.50 D Astigmatism CP-II


  1. Candidates should bring prescription and spectacles for corrected vision, if used. The latest prescription should contain diopter measurement, Ophthalmologist’s registration number, stamp, signature and date of prescription should be within a month prior to appearing for medical examination.
General Health Candidate should be of normal anatomy without loss of any appendages. He / She should be free from any active or latent, acute or chronic, medical or surgical disability or communicable disease, infection and skin ailments. Candidate shall be physically and mentally FIT to perform duty in any part of the world, in any climate and terrain.
Gynaecological Examination (For female candidates) - The examination covers external genitalia, hernia orifices and the perineum, any evidence of stress urinary incontinence or genital prolapse outside introitus.
Gender (For female candidates): - Any candidate if found to have predominant characteristics of the opposite gender as evident on external physical examination, will be rejected as Unfit. Any candidate having undergone gender reassignment surgery will be declared Unfit.
Pregnancy (For female candidates): - Any candidate, if found to be pregnant shall be disqualified and her candidature rejected.
Click here to download Physical / Medical Standards


  1. Candidates who qualify Adaptability Test-II shall be issued with medical appointment letter at respective ASCs. Medical examination shall be conducted by Air Force Medical Team as per IAF medical standards and policy in vogue on subject issue. Medical examination would also include Baseline Investigation of: -
    1. Blood Haemogram - Hb, TLC, DLC

    2. Urine RE/ME

    3. Biochemistry:-
      1. Blood Sugar Fasting & PP

      2. Serum Cholesterol

      3. Urea, Uric acid, Creatinine

      4. LFT—Serum Bilirubin, SGOT, SGPT.

    4. X- Ray chest (PA view)

    5. Ultrasonography of lower abdomen & Pelvis (For female candidates only)

    6. ECG (R)

    7. Any other test necessary in the opinion of the Medical Officer.

    8. Candidates declared medically unfit can avail the option for ‘Appeal Medical Board’ (AMB) against their unfitness by depositing Rs. 40/- in a Government Treasury/RBI/ SBI through Electronic Military Receivable Order (e-MRO)/Military Receivable Order (MRO).

    9. The application for AMB along with original copy of e-MRO/MRO, photocopy of Unfitness Certificate are to be submitted to the representative of ASC within three working days of medical examination.

  2. The recruitment medical officer and the specialist doctors of Armed Forces are the final authorities on declaring a candidate fit or unfit during initial medical examination, appeal medical board and medical examination prior to enrolment.

  3. The candidates shall be governed by Armed Forces standards which may be at variance from civil standards. There is no provision for representation or review after the appeal medical board.


  1. Candidates are advised to get tartar and stains removed from their teeth before appearing for the Medical Examination. Ears should be free of wax. Candidates should be prepared to stay for the medical examination for four to five days under their own arrangement. No TA/DA shall be admissible.
  2. Passing in the medical examination is not a guarantee for employment in Indian Air Force.
  3. Request for change of Medical Examination Centre or Date of Medical Examination shall not be entertained.
Click here to download Medical Examination

Consumption of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substance (NDPS).

Consumption of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic substances banned under the NDPS Act 1985 shall be a reject criteria for selection into the IAF. AGNIVEERVAYU found either in possession or storing or distributing or consuming such drugs and substances after enrolment shall be liable for disciplinary action including dismissal from the IAF. ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY TO ALCOHOLISM AND SUBSTANCE ABUSE IS FOLLOWED IN IAF.

Body Tattoo

Permanent body tattoos are not permitted, however, tattoos only on inner face of the fore arms (inside of elbow to the wrist), back (dorsal) part of the hand/reverse side of the palm and Tribals with tattoo which are as per the custom and traditions of their tribes may be considered. Offensive, obscene, indecent, sexist or racist tattoos are prohibited regardless of location on the body. However, right to consider a tattoo acceptable or unacceptable will rest with the selection centre. Candidates with permanent body tattoos are to submit two Postcard size photographs (close up and distant view) with details of size and type of the Tattoo during the second phase of testing.

Only Sikh Candidates, whose religion prohibits cutting of hair or shaving of face, shall be permitted to grow hair and/or retain beard and moustache. Accordingly, those Sikh candidates willing to retain the same as per laid down specification are to get their photographs with beard and moustache.